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It all starts at the drawing board, where inspirations meet paper and the sketching begins to take a life that will become Mimetala’s next masterpiece. Under the watchful eye of Lara Al-Nachawati the artists create designs up to the finest details. This process allows the design team to accurately bring each piece to reality by using specialized software that will prepare the piece for the next step.


CAD/CAM jewelry design services will allow you to get a unique wearable item of personal adornment with true emotions and a story tied in with it that you will value and treasure for years. The journey of jewelry creation starts with a single step of an idea that will be taken on a new level with each stage of its realization. Most people think of custom jewelry design as of an old-fashioned method of craftsmanship that have remained unchanged since ancient times. It is at least partially true. The basic process of making jewelry based on a wax model is more or less the same. However the main stages have changed with recent innovations. The inventions of the array of new tools and technologies allow nowadays to include in jewelry more delicate details and more sophistication, creating true works of art.

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